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香港的回憶 Love Story


Hong Kong was where it all begun, it always has a little place in our hearts.

Raymond from Singapore still remembers Hong Kong wanton noodle shop where chronicles with Ruiqi begin. "The perfect golden proportion of wanton with 70% prawn and 30% meat made a day."

Raymond:”Ruiqi always manages to make the time spent on an unbeaten path seems like an exhilarating joy ride."

"Words cannot explain the good times I have, so let the photos that capture our beautiful memories do the talking for me.“

"As soon as I saw you, I knew you would be an adventure of a lifetime."

Raymond and Ruiqi used to hike a lot in Hong Kong.

No doubt it's a short trip, it’s full of excitement.

So much memories with Ding Ding.

This night is sparkling, don't you let it go. Time flies but the memories will be last forever.

撰文: So | Pixsoul出發隊員: Jowy & So


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📅 Sept, 2018

Thoroughly enjoyed our time with both Sophia and Jowy. They were extremely professional and friendly. Not only were they intuitive in finding the right shots when they see one, but they also ensured that they captured our story. As experienced photographers, they gave clear directions in how we should position ourselves, making our photoshoot a breeze. Moreover, they also brought hiking equipment to ensure our safety and comfort. As visitors of Hong Kong, we were unsure where to go. Nonetheless, Jowy and Sophia brought us to hidden gems around HK. In fact, we had one of the best scones we have ever had while shooting with them. Highly recommend their services! :)

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